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July 15, 2020  

Press Kit

July 15, 2020


The Lowdown:

Two words: we are making a damn funny podcast. Okay, that might be more than two words. But whatever...we’re not a math show.

Kevin Rosenquist, John Banks, and Greg Mitchell (that’s us) met at an opium den in a South American jungle many years ago. One beautiful fall day in 2018, while doing something heroic like saving the world from a super villain or buying organic produce, Kevin had an idea: the world needs a new podcast. He texted John, who agreed. John texted Greg, who asked, “what’s a podcast?” History Defeats Itself was born that very day.

HDI is a comedy podcast that explores if we learn from our history or if we’re doomed to forever repeat it. On each episode one member of the triumvirate brings a topic to the table and leads the discussion while the other two have no idea what the topic is going to be until we hit record. This keeps things spontaneous and allows two of the hosts to be in the same boat as the audience.

The Schedule:

History Defeats Itself publishes every two weeks for the entire year. Rain or shine. Even when John is sick. Or Greg is cranky. Or Kevin has to get up early the next day.


The Listeners:

We seem to be most popular with humans between the ages of 30 and 45. Our lowest demographic is those between 0 and 17. We just can't crack the baby market. Perhaps it's because we curse a lot.

The Traffic:

John and Greg sit in traffic all the time since they live in L.A. Kevin has an eight minute commute and enjoys gloating about it to the other two. As far as download traffic, HDI averages 2,300 downloads per month and is growing every day

The Top Platforms:

• Stitcher
• Podbean
• Spotify
• Apple Podcasts

The Top Global Markets:

• Canada
• UK
• Australia




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