History Defeats Itself

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June 24, 2020  

About The Show

June 24, 2020

Do we learn from our history? It kind of seems like we don't. We're here to talk about it. Each week Kevin Rosenquist, John Banks, and Greg Mitchell discuss a topic in the world today and talk about its history. On each episode, one member of the HDI triumvirate brings a well researched topic to the show and reveals it to the other two live as we record. So two of the hosts have no idea what they are getting into until we're recording. We'll workshop some ideas, chat about pros and cons, and make fun of some people (mostly each other) along the way. Ultimately each week we hope to determine if we learned anything from our history or if we're simply repeating it.

We're pretty witty guys and we hope to entertain, inform, and help you pass the time while you're driving, mowing the lawn, working out, sitting in church, performing surgery, interviewing for a job, or wherever and however you listen to podcasts.

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