History Defeats Itself

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July 13, 2020  

About the Hosts

July 13, 2020



Kevin Rosenquist is a podcast host and producer, a writer, and a self proclaimed man of the people. He works as a graphic artist and does freelance writing on the side. Kevin has been immensely interested in radio since he was a kid when he and his brother had a morning radio show on an unused frequency that could be heard as far as the kitchen of their parents' house, if the wind was right. He lived in Chicago most of his life until 2015 when he moved to Colorado, just outside Boulder. He's married with a newborn son and two dogs and enjoys sports, beer, music, films, and cuddling.  



John Banks is a comedian that often performs, in the guest bedroom of his studio apartment, for his cat Chloe’. Please don’t tell Chloe’ that he referred to her as his cat. She gets really angry if he gets possessive. She considers it a micro aggression and their relationship can’t handle anymore misunderstandings right now. He hopes she doesn’t read this. While not being abused by Chloe’ John also enjoys performing improv as part of the amazing team Sibling Rivalry. On weekends John likes to daydream he has a better body and lots of green backs.     



Greg Mitchell likes to identify as Canadian when it comes to matters of the heart. Get to know him and you will soon find out that his soul is more likely North Korean. A writer of songs never sang (probably because they are really poems) and a novel never published, Greg is unsurprisingly challenged by a limited vocabulary and inability to concisely articulate his thoughts (see?). Married, 3 kids, who has time for this shit?