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July 13, 2020  

History Completes Itself - You Wanna Be Part of a Drunken Posse?

July 13, 2020

Let me start out by saying that, not only does John not write his episode recaps, that prick doesn’t even read ‘em!  I am hereby offering him $25.00 and the reader/listener that alerts him to this entry a $25 gift card to Del Taco (or similar). Just send us an email at HistoryDefeatsItself@gmail.com and it’s yours (ONLY 1 PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED).

Now let’s get on with the show: War! It’s almost as if it were a business model. America has been involved in a billion wars since and including our inception. How do I know this? John listed every fucking one of them…in real time. Economy gets slow? Start a war. Need resources (land, oil etc.)? Start a war. Kevin looks at you and your whiskey funny? Start a war. By the way, what the fuck was up with the way John pronounced Massachusetts? I think he said Massatushits. Twice!

When it comes to war, I am a bit conflicted. I believe that we should act like evolved beings and settle disputes through other means. But Goddammit, sometimes someone like Hitler comes along or the Twin Towers get destroyed and you kinda have to do something. If only humans didn’t need to operate with our reptilian brains we could see that Mother Nature presents enough challenges to the frailty of humankind that we could rail against natural disasters and not each other. But until then, we sure as hell have a lot of firepower that we paid trillions of dollars for. 

- Greg Mitchell