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July 28, 2020  

History Completes Itself - We Will Have to Abandon Capitalism As We Know It

July 28, 2020

I’ve been leading some episodes that feel like bummers lately. I’m sorry! It’s COVID’s fault, that fuck face virus. I hope they’ve at least been interesting though. I’ve enjoyed chatting with my co-hosts about these topics for sure.

So…science denial. Yeah it’s pretty messed up. The fact that people are choosing to believe a president so obviously beholden to corporations and rich people over doctors and scientists with fancy degrees and the best interests of public health in mind is beyond puzzling. And quite embarrassing as well. Conspiracy theorists want us normal people to open our eyes and see the truth…that it’s a manufactured virus to take down Trump or expand China’s power over the world or whatever crackpot theory they subscribe to. It’s like the flat earthers we talked about in an earlier episode. They want us to believe that we are all being duped and that their small group of antisocial basement dwellers have stumbled onto the truth like modern day Fox Mulders.

It seemed like all three of us agreed that if we had real leadership in this country Americans would be in a much better place and many who have died would still be alive. Which is a terribly depressing thing to type. Our country and our world had an amazing opportunity to unite against a common enemy. It could have brought us together and made us feel in tune with one another instead of hopelessly divided. Instead, masks have become a red/blue issue and people are demanding schools open for in person classes as cases and deaths continue to rise. I saw a woman comment on a Samantha Bee Instagram post that schools need to open because kids need socialization! Yeah let’s endanger the lives of children and teachers so your kid can have recess.

This virus can be contained, and we will go back to our own versions of normal at some point. At least, the ones who live will. And if people would take it seriously, wear their goddamn masks, stop going to parties, and be smart we’d get through it a lot faster. But we are Americans. And we don’t like our comfortable lives uprooted. So what chance do we have?

If only the conspiracy theorists would turn their magnifying glasses towards the White House. You wanna do some good? Try using your seemingly endless amount of free time to shine a light on the worst corruption our country has seen in decades. While you're at it...look at Mitch McConnell's house too, preferably when he's watching a scary movie. I just want to know if his head and limbs recoil into his shell when he's scared.

The truth is out there.

- Kevin Rosenquist