History Defeats Itself

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September 24, 2020  

History Completes Itself - Spendy Spendy Losey Losey

September 24, 2020

Apparently your kind hosts (hoists?) are not the only ones with the penchant for rolling the dice. We heard you loud and clear. You like the action. You like getting drunk playing Keno at the Mirage while drinking an Old Fashioned and wearing a be-sequined ruffled pink tuxedo shirt and getting on bent-knee proposing to a porpoise on holiday from Sea World. Because gambling baby. Nothing sexier than throwing caution to the wind and going on a bender risking the house on an Ace/Picture combo at the Black Jack table because gambling.

Sure I kinda jumped through the sorted history of how the town in the middle of the desert was built but TBH, I don’t want my knees piped by some mobster cause I spread some information I shouldn’t have. So we stuck to the parts that always appeal to me. The psychological side: from casinos overwhelming our senses in an effort to drain our bank accounts to hearing about Kevin’s attempts at chasing his $10 5-way parlays. Gambling casts a wide net on our psyches and the allure of winning is tough to reject for many.  And if you can reject it, I don’t wanna know you. There’s nothing better than almost losing everything on a gambling gambit only to find yourself calling mom begging for bail money.

Anyone notice John’s mic actually worked?

Kids! Get in the car!! We’re going to Vegas!!

- Greg Mitchell