History Defeats Itself

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August 24, 2020  

History Completes Itself - Skull Awnings

August 24, 2020

Hair was a bit of a punchy episode. Well, I can mostly speak for myself. Apparently my thinning follicles are fodder for me being a fucker to my fellow festive friends.

As John presented the physiological and historical data about hairstyles and types and uses (and Kevin just sat around in plaid shorts) I couldn’t help but contemplate my shortcomings of hair challenges. Upon listening to the episode on publish day, a thought got trapped in a brain fold:  “WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT LOSING MY HAIR?” For the record and contrary to the way we made it sound on the episode, all of us have a pretty decent amount of shingles on the roof. What is wrong with embracing my appearance? Especially since I don’t even have to look at myself. Especially-er the fact that it takes 2 mirrors to see the back of your head and I don’t know about you guys but can we even trust 2 mirrors in 2020? There’s no way!

Sure, I will continue to use the I-Restore Hair Restoration Treatment (Hair Helmet). I will continue to sprinkle the top of my head with Caboki hair replacement flakes (curiously, neither of these companies are sponsors) but I am vowing not to be preoccupied with my hair loss. After all, most of my self-loathing is in the form of my being a fat fuck.

-Greg Mitchell