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June 15, 2020  

History Completes Itself - Maybe It’s Time America Has Make Up Sex

June 15, 2020

One of the great joys in my life is making my co-hosts uncomfortable. There are many ways to do it. One is recording with no pants on, another is drinking wine during the recording. (That really seemed to bother Greg.) I did not anticipate how out of sorts they would be talking about if the United States was past the point of reconciliation and if a divorce was a better option. 

I get that it's not an easily digestible idea. Especially now. We recorded this before George Floyd's horrific murder. I'm not sure this episode happens if we hadn't done it before Floyd's tragic death. We need to come together to slay the dragon that is systemic racism so the idea of splitting up into two or more countries certainly doesn't conjure up thoughts of working as a team with a common goal. But I'm glad we discussed the idea of an American divorce. It's obviously a hypothetical. Chances are the country will not split up, at least in any of our lifetimes. But you have to admit it's an interesting idea. And getting the takes of my co-hosts was fascinating. I really thought at least John would be down to tear this motherfucker down. Maybe it's because he seems convinced that the world is going to end at any given moment. But he was reluctant to even consider it. 

Why are we so divided? It's a complicated and nuanced question. The election of Donny in 2016 showed how strong the divide really is. It showed that enough people in this country don't want harmony, equality, and peace. That may seam hyperbolic but when you really think about it, it isn't. In Trump you have a guy who wants to see the country split off and form teams. He doesn't want compromise or equality. He wants us angry at each other. He made that abundantly clear during his campaign. All of his rhetoric was about pitting him and his followers against the world. It's us vs. them. It was a strategy that got him in office. And he's clearly racist. Anyone who disagrees either can't read between the lines, is racist themselves, or is bewitched by the reality star like a middle school crush. He praised a white militia group armed to the teeth and storming a state capital as heroes, frustrated because they couldn't get a haircut or go get drunk at their favorite watering hole due to Covid closures. Not long after that he branded BLM protesters tired of watching police officers murder black people in the street as "thugs". 'Nuff said on that.

Another big thing Don pushes is isolationism and nationalism; white nationalism at that. America first. Everyone else can go fuck themselves. That should really be his campaign slogan. It would be a lot more accurate. How can anyone possibly think it's a good idea to isolate and not be a part of the world? Can anyone name a country that has been successful by removing themselves from the world stage? He does have a love affair with North Korea. So perhaps it's not that surprising that he wants to put up walls and keep the rest of the world out.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this to become a Fuck Trump post but when talking about the problems in this country it's hard not to go there. No matter what your thoughts are regarding a potential split of the US you can't deny that the divide in this country is a humongous problem. And it will not go away unless we can find a leader who has the ability to unite us. I would have thought President Obama could have done it. All he wanted was a better America and he was the most inspirational orator we've had maybe since FDR. But he's black. So I guess he was doomed from the start. And now we're stuck with the possibility of four more years of inept leadership. <sigh> I hear New Zealand is nice...

- Kevin Rosenquist