History Defeats Itself

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August 18, 2020  

History Completes Itself - I Fractured the Front of My Face

August 18, 2020

Head trauma is nothing to laugh at. Even though we did in this episode. But give us a break...we're a comedy podcast! 

Knowing as many hockey players as I have over the years it is not surprising that Greg has had 74 concussions. Plus he really can't put a whole sentence together and he can only eat if he mashes his food into a fine paste. But in all seriousness contact sports are always going to have the concussion stigma attached to them. How can they not? Football players are humongous. And they run fast. Right at each other! This is a recipe for disaster as far as the ol' brain is concerned.

On the plus side this is one of the few episodes where we were able to say that history did not defeat itself and that we have learned. Leagues are attempting to make sports safer and parents are more educated than ever about what to look for and how to treat head injuries in young people. You can never get rid of head injuries in sports like football or hockey without getting rid of the sports altogether. But the fact that we continue to study head trauma and look for ways to mitigate it is a positive sign for sure.

Of course, even without sports, concussions would still be around. Just ask John and the poll he ran into. But as we learn more about them (concussions...not John and his poll) we will be able to lessen the effects of them. If you have kids be aware of what to look for if they crack their head on something. And tell them not to piss a girl off enough that they have to run away for fear of being kicked in the testicles. Solid life lessons all around this episode.

- Kevin Rosenquist