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June 1, 2020  

History Completes Itself - Do a Keg Stand and Then Murder That Chicken

June 1, 2020

I was surprised that John thought an episode on witchcraft wouldn't get dark and include a bunch of horrible things. I mean...witches bro! Clearly he hasn't seen Hocus Pocus.

While murdering people for supposed witchcraft is not something we still do in this country it is clearly alive and well in other countries. I shouldn't be shocked I suppose. Every episode we do seems to be a reminder of how far we have not come as a people. But the fact that in some countries you can still accuse your neighbor of being a witch because they have wronged you somehow and, rather than call you a whack job, people will believe you and bestow some awful fate on the accused is bonkers. I mean, I don't like when my neighbor blasts country music but I don't want him maimed or dead because of it. And I really hate country music. 

At the end of the day it boils down to a lack of education and too much religion. Religion is a powerful thing. And when used for bad causes death, destruction, and madness. Why do we insist on hurting each other in the name of God? I wish I could answer that. It will undoubtedly come up again on future podcasts. Maybe the three of us will one day have an answer for that. Until then, for God fucking sake, be good to each other.

- Kevin Rosenquist